Draft better contracts faster

TermLynx is a Microsoft Word extension that helps lawyers read, edit and review contracts faster.



TermLynx has six core features that give your lawyers a competitive advantage.

error benchmarking

Errors are detected, benchmarked against public agreements and prioritized by risk

ai search

Search the meaning of a defined term or a referenced section or schedule

relationship mapping

Map your contract to see how its articles, sections, schedules and defined terms fit together

Dynamic editing

Stop scrolling through lengthy documents and use TermLynx to edit efficiently


Explore information in TermLynx without moving in your document

fast refresh

Lightning-fast performance allows you to use TermLynx as you draft

Renno & Co

Whether I'm drafting or reviewing an agreement, TermLynx gives me a huge speed advantage. Work that used to take me an hour now takes fifteen minutes. I respond to clients faster and know how much they appreciate it

Touffic Adlouniz
Touffic Adlouniz
Co-founder, Managing Director
Margie Strub

Reviewing contracts for errors is much easier with TermLynx. I can't believe how many referencing and definition errors I find that would have gone unnoticed without it!

Joshua Strub
Joshua Strub
Co-founder, Partner

I love how much more efficient I am with TermLynx when reviewing long contracts. On multiple occasions I’ve been able to spot errors in supplier contracts I probably would have missed otherwise, like certain terms being capitalized without being defined.

Chloe Fuyet
Chloe Fuyet
Legal Counsel
A New Way to Draft
Document Lifecycle

A tool for every stage of the document lifecycle


Improve the speed of your customer service by analyzing contracts faster.


Prepare and customize agreements quickly, so your lawyers can accomplish more and keep the pressure on opposing counsel.


Mitigate risk while remaining within budget, safeguarding your firm's reputation and client relationships.


Reduce turn-around time on post-closing issues by allowing your lawyers to find information in transaction documents instantly.